Small Business Ideas in India

Want to start a new business? Start Now. Don’t get confused about the business or industry you should choose. It’s not about which business is the best, but rather what business will make you money. What matters is which business you are passionate about. It is also important to have the right skillset in order to achieve your goal. You must be confident to use the skills that you have and overcome any challenges. Let’s also discuss some low-cost and small business ideas that you can choose from based on your experience and skill set.

List of 21 Successful Small Scale Businesses in India

1. Breakfast Joint/Take-Away Counter

Food is one of three necessities in life, so it’s no surprise that people are attracted to the F&B Industry (Food & Beverage). As a small business, food joints are always in demand as long as they offer delicious food. A new business doesn’t have to be a restaurant right from the beginning. You can start small with a few dishes, such as a traditional breakfast and optional snacks.

2. Juice Point/Shakes and Smoothies Corner

Fresh juices, without preservatives, are becoming a healthier alternative to cold drinks as Indians become more health conscious. The humble juice bar is a great option for an Indian small business. Diversifying into other drinks, such as (less healthy) summer drinks, like buttermilk and lassi, could also be a good idea for this small business. You can also decide to start with a food truck that is fully loaded. If the food and drinks are high-quality, and the permits are in place, this business should be a success.

3. Tailoring/Embroidery shop

This is one of the most successful business ideas because it’s based on a basic need of everyone – clothing. The market size includes, well, everybody. Tailoring and embroidery are both established businesses and have been for many decades. Most of them operate from home and receive and fulfill orders on behalf small boutiques. It is true that a business idea that has been tried and tested will have a better chance of being successful in the future, particularly in large cities where tailoring is in high demand. To improve your chances of success, you should be well-trained and have the necessary experience.

4. E-commerce and business

The Internet and related technologies are a great way to help small business ideas grow. Small businesses that have a strong online presence tend to perform better than those without one. This start-up idea is based on offering a variety of online services for small and medium business. Social media experts, YouTubers and critics are all in demand today. SEO experts, web designers and developers, as well as influencers on social networks, are also in demand. These businesses only require smartphones, computers with basic software and high-speed internet connections.

5. Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging and vlogging, or video blogging, are two of the most lucrative ideas from a list that includes internet-based businesses run from home. It doesn’t matter what you write or make a video as long as it’s interesting. Many top performers, such as stand-up comics, have used this method to increase their audience. It is important to create interesting content in order to increase the number of viewers or readers for the blog or vlog. For certain vlog platforms you are paid by the number of viewers, while for most blogs the revenue generated from Google AdSense is what helps them make money.

6. Cookery Classes Online/In Person

If a professional chef does not want to work in a restaurant, or on a food truck, there’s an alternative: a cookery class. It’s a trend that is becoming popular among Indian families, both urban and semi-urban. People love to create healthy food that tastes great. It is possible to teach these classes in person and online, or you can create a video blog teaching others how to cook. Online marketing allows you to reach new markets and increase your revenue.

7. Babysitters/Daycare Services/Creches

The concept of creches at the office for mothers who work is still a new one in India. As more women continue to work after they marry, and enter the workforce, it’s obvious that demand for daycare will increase in the future. Daycare, creches and babysitting are all full-time jobs that have existed for many years.

8. Dance classes/Centre

You can start a dance school if you are an excellent dancer or choreographer. If you have rented space or own a place, it is easy to do. The only investment needed is to market your dance academy. You can still run a successful dance center even if you are not able to dance. Hire good dance teachers and choreographers.

9. Photography Studio

You can earn money from your hobby. All you need is a little extra time to turn it into a career and a business. Many professionals have turned their hobby into a career. The more advanced the camera, the better the photos will be. You can rely on your skill and precision in taking photos to become a great photographer.

10. Yoga Instructor

A good yoga teacher is one who has a thorough knowledge of Yoga, and practices all of the “Yoga Asanas” themselves. Yoga is a proven stress-buster that has been used by people all over the world. Yoga instructors in India and abroad are in high demand, well-paid, and well-paid. This business requires 100% knowledge, and a minimal investment.

11. Wedding Bureau

Marriages are made up in heaven, but they’re arranged here. Wedding bureaus in smaller towns and cities are more common than marriage portals. Families meet other families before making a decision. A small office, 1-2 employees, a certificate of registration, and contacts are all you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

12. Tour Operators/Travel Agency

You can start a travel agency, or become a tour operator with a few certifications and a beautiful office in a great location. Travel agents who are successful will be able to make their customers feel comfortable and at ease. A good knowledge of the domestic and international itineraries, sights to see, flight rates and hotel rates can be very helpful.

13. Salon/Beauty Parlour

In metropolises, opening a beauty salon is the most popular business. India’s youth is very conscious of looking good and well-groomed. Due to this, every salon is able to attract decent clients regardless of their location. Salon owners, particularly in metropolitan cities, make huge profits at wedding or festive seasons.

14. Real Estate Business

This business is a great way to improve your financial situation if you have a strong salesperson who has knowledge and possesses sway. A good office space in a great location, combined with knowledge of the types of properties available and the documentation process is all that’s needed. Honest public relations and impressive communication will help you become a successful real estate agent/broker/builder/financer, etc.

15. Recruitment Business

HR is a vital and integral vertical within an organization. Good recruitment helps a company to grow. It is a low-cost business to place good employees in reputed companies.

16. Ice Cream Parlour

Ice cream parlors are a great small business option, even though they’re seasonal. The investment required to start this business is the purchase of a franchise for a specific ice-cream brand, and then having a store where you can place the counter.

17. Arts & Handicrafts Retail Shop

The Government of India began promoting handicrafts in many cities and states. Handicrafts will soon be available in every Indian home. Metalware, paintings and shawls are some of the products.

18. Online/In-person Coaching/Tuition Classes

Education is an area of great diversity, and it’s a low-cost idea for a business. It’s easy to break even financially and not a full time business.

19. Counselling/Consultancy Business

Consultants are needed in almost every industry to help with its growth and development. People who have a good understanding of IT, finance and marketing, HR, accounting, healthcare, law, social media etc. can open their own consultancy company. You can start your own consulting company and work with large corporations to earn good money.

20. Boutique/Apparel Store

A small business that has been around for a long time. Boutique stores can be run by women who enjoy sewing clothes and keep up with the latest fashion. Boutique stores are easily managed at home. The only investment is the sewing machines and apparel.

21. Catering Business

A catering business only requires an investment of hiring workers, purchasing raw materials and buying tents, tables and chairs. All that’s left is your contacts, marketing strategies, and the quality and quantity of food you serve.

Small Business Ideas at Low Cost

We’ll discuss some other low-cost ideas for new businesses and business owners.

  • One of the most popular low-cost ideas for business start-ups involves a food and beverage business that is on the rise, particularly in metro cities.
  • Many food startups are operating with the assistance and collaboration of giants in food delivery, such as Swiggy or Zomato.
  • For small-scale food startups, it is crucial to develop a marketing strategy that includes social media and digital platforms.
  • The government and financial institutions offer all the necessary financial assistance to start-ups, along with flexible payment options
  • Fashion accessory and clothing businesses are another low-cost idea that can be lucrative. This is because they have a high potential to earn high incomes due to their accessibility.
  • This idea is ideal for young female fashion designers who have the necessary knowledge and experience to work in the fashion and clothing industry.
  • If it gets a lot of attention, the design can be made into a global hit with the help of e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, e-bay Walmart, Flipkart etc.
  • Agribusiness is another attractive option from the list of low-cost ideas for a new business, especially the establishment of organic fields to grow organic fruits and veggies.
  • Market studies show that the growth of grocery delivery services such as Big Basket Blinkit Grofers has been a success.

Small businesses in major metropolitan cities such as Delhi (Gurugram and Faridabad), Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata can be managed and started.

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